Business Areas
Sales & Marketing

We have our presence in the fields of Orthopedics, Gynecology, Cardiology, Diabetology, General Medicine Paediatricians, Gastroenterologists etc. to serve the needs of the patients in the above fields we supply the drugs in various dosage forms and strengths as required by them and from regular marketing inputs.

With this product mix, dosage forms and strengths, technical and marketing strengths, the products are marketed all over India in ethical and franchisee marketing styles. As such Invomed is growing at the rate of 20% year on year in both top line and bottom line areas because of our strong fundamentals. 

Pharmaceutical Industry is synonyms with Innovation, Discovery, Research and Development. With the Globalization of the economy and advent of GATT and Patent Regimens the right product mix plays a vital role for the sustained growth of the industry.


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